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At Turnleaf Designs I've worked directly with numerous clients, from cosmetics to sports teams, business associations to dance companies, with almost all returning as customers for many years.


In addition, 17 years of newspaper design experience has provided me with extensive print and web knowledge with clientele ranging from automotive to home furnishings and decor, from  financial to non-profit.

Most designers tend to be "artsy creatives". I've managed these types. They are great in artistic visual expression, but lack the facts, figures and research it takes to produce optimal targeted results needed for businesses.


As a business-savvy design professional, I start by really getting to know your business, brain-storming with you to take your project and it's scope to the next level. We'll develop your target audience, create elements to reach them and find cost-effective advertising platforms to best fit your specific needs.

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All design starts with listening to my client. But more so, it's hearing what they aren't  communicating that influences the work. My strength is like a design "sixth-sense", listening to the goals and expectations  of my client has and designing more than expected. Not only listening, but asking the right questions makes for great design. On smaller projects, I often create first drafts that are one-and-done projects -- meaning "perfect without any changes."

I've owned a small business for 20 years. I understand small budgets and the need to find efficient and effective ways to market your business. I also realize the digital marketplace is  difficult to maneuver and mistakes are costly in many ways.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

― Pablo Picasso

What Our Clients Say...

I've had the pleasure of working with Suzanna for several years now in her capacity of Creative Services Manager at the Times-News. Suzanna has impressed me with her ability to manage a tremendous workload with few resources, assigning out accounts according to artists' personal design styles, strengths, and existing customer relationships. She has a keen eye for design, and balances the creative elements in her work with strong, concise calls to action, always ensuring that her work is not only pleasing to the eye, but effective overall for her client's goals and needs.

I have a cosmetics business and have been working with Suzanna more than 20 years. There is no one better! She is creative and has the gift of knowing exactly what I would personally say in my newsletters... without asking me what to say! Her work is one of a kind ... not the norm... it stands out! I get complimented monthly on my newsletters and promotional flyers. She is definitely a "keeper"!!

Vashti Day

Executive Sales Director - Mary Kay Cosmetics

Suzanna has designed the Membership Directory for the ACBA for many years. This past year we've also partnered with her to create a quarterly magazine format newsletter and upgraded our website.  She does a great job and takes pride in her work. I would highly recommend her.

Susan Black

Alamance Caswell Builders Association

About twelve years ago, we were fortunate enough to find Suzanna.  She has been a total “team” player since that time by helping my business throughout the busy dance year.  She did an excellent job designing our website and manages it throughout the year.  Each spring she designs our end of year performance tee shirts, program brochure, tickets and parent badges; while during the year she designs our studio brochure, summer brochure, and any other activity that needs a designing touch.  Suzanna was a “lucky” find and I’m truly grateful for her continued ideas and support to my business.




Amber's House of Dance

Ray Hodge

Development and Programs Manager

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